A visual representation of AI spreading throughout the Internet

In the span of a week from May 13 to May 20, 2023, Bing has introduced a suite of innovative features, redefining how users interact with technology. One of the key developments is the ability to maintain seamless conversations across multiple platforms. Picture this: you’re midway through a recipe, and you run out of a key ingredient. No worries! You can instantly switch to your mobile device, ask Bing for a suitable alternative, and carry on with your culinary adventure. This feature is being rolled out to all iOS and Android users soon.

Bing’s global footprint is also expanding with enhanced support for voice input and multilingual chats. Users can now select from a range of languages and voices to personalize their Bing experience.

Perhaps the most intriguing enhancement is Bing’s introduction of the “Compose” feature to SwiftKey, an AI-powered keyboard. This feature drafts texts, including emails, based on user-defined parameters like subject matter, tone, format, and length. This nifty addition is slated to be rolled out to all users on iOS, Android, and desktop via the Edge sidebar in the next two weeks.

SwiftKey’s features don’t stop at “Compose”. The keyboard now houses an AI-powered translator, facilitating communication across different languages. While already available on Android, this feature is expected to be launched for iOS users worldwide within a week.

Adding to SwiftKey’s repertoire are two new “Tones” – “Witty” and “Funny”, allowing users to tailor the tone of their messages from professional emails to light-hearted banter.

Bing Chat, available on the Edge mobile app, has been updated to allow users to ask questions related to the content they are viewing. This feature also includes the option to request Bing to summarize the content, making information acquisition swift and convenient.

Further, Bing will soon be able to provide context to any text highlighted in the Edge mobile app. Users can simply select Bing from the options menu to open a conversation that explains the selected topic with cited sources and clear summaries.

Lastly, Bing’s AI-powered features have been integrated into all Skype group chats. Users can tag @Bing directly in a conversation to list all discussed options and generate new similar ideas.

These developments point towards a more interactive and personalized future with Bing. Stay tuned as Bing’s AI continues to redefine our digital interactions.